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Ecosystem best practice challenge

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(For ecosystem builders with good practices.)

Do you have a good practice that will enable innovators to develop ICT-centric solutions?  

***Make sure to read the full challenge brief before posting your idea.*** 


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EgyptInnovate Platform is a bilingual online ICT innovation and entrepreneurship hub for Egypt, where innovators and entrepreneurs get inspired, educated and connected. EgyptInnovate aims at exposing Egypt’s innovators and entrepreneurs locally and globally, connecting nodes and building collaborative communities of Innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Egypt and to be a single point of access for innovators, entrepreneurs and businesses, whereby they can learn about related best...

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Teach a Kid Make Individual Life

TAKMIL is an Edtech-based and gender inclusive solution that aims to solve the problem of digital divide and out of school children in the underserved and remote communities of Pakistan by providing them free digital literacy skills.  Pakistan has the second highest number of out of school children in the world implying that nearly We started in 2017 with this vision of digitally transforming the remote areas through education. Now, we have expanded to 15 schools in only 3 years across the...

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Smart City Ambassadors

       One of the key missions of the Smart Cities Platform (SCP) in the Sultanate of Oman is to increase the awareness and engagement of its stakeholders toward adopting the concept of smart city in their corporate and social life. The SCP has already initiated many projects to help achieve this mission. Smart City Ambassadors (SCA) was one of these successful initiatives and its goal was to create a smart community of practice by building a community of volunteered and skilled champions...

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Digital Factory Montenegro

The idea of Digital Factory is to build a unified innovation ecosystem of Montenegro. We aim to be the bridge that connects young people with ideas, but also to connect already existing startups with clients in the ICT field, as well as in digital fields. We are constantly working on educating and developing skills for young people of Montenegro to be able to come up with great ideas and to transform these ideas into tangible products. We try to provide them with all kind of support,...

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Training for micro, small and medium-sized companies in ICT

The project aims to develop skills in the staff of micro, small and medium enterprises, in ICT issues, in order to improve their productivity and competitiveness in the market. For this purpose, it was proposed to carry out workshops and an online training program on the different contents of digital transformation of companies, industry 4.0, emerging technologies, e-commerce, and cybersecurity, among others. The training has been given in different cycles, including face-toface and virtual...

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La Lope Smart Village

Video: Located about 350 km from Libreville, the capital of Gabon, La Lope is a town of Ogooue Ivindo province. Its latitude and longitude are 0°6’28’’S and 11° 6′15’’E respectively, with an elevation of 130m above the sea and an altitude of 19.65 Km. The local economic potential is based on eco-tourism activities of the Lope National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which contains the highest animal biomass of any tropical rain forest in...

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UN Digital Academy

UNICC’s proposal provides shared hosting infrastructure and portal for ICT-centric learning solutions for organizational digital transformation, disruption, change and technology upskilling.  For the UN Digital Academy, UNICC has partnered with Microsoft Tech for Social Impact to design, build, deliver and continuously update learning materials across technology practitioner areas like modern collaboration and productivity, Power Platform (data analytics, business processes, app...

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Regopantes-Fair price by simplify the value chain directly from farmers

RegoPantes is an online market solution for agricultural products that connects farmers directly to end customers and industry with guaranteed product quality and fair prices for all parties. By the platform, farmers can sell their crops in reasonable price while the customers will get fresh products. The fair prices for farmers and consumers are calculated by the system by finding a new balance between farmer prices and consumer prices at the market. This new balance will ultimately...

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Creative environment for Talent Development

According to the National Association of Information Technology and Communication companies [1], the area of Embedded Systems Engineering (such as the Internet of Things, Home Automation, Automotive, Robotics, Mechatronics, Industrial Equipment, and others) is underdeveloped in the Republic of Moldova, the major focus being on Software Engineering only. While Moldova becomes more interesting as a European ICT player [2], only a few companies operating in R&D in this field exist. These...

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Moscow Accelerator

The idea is to build a unified innovation ecosystem composed of the city’s government agencies, technology corporations, startups, and investors. The Moscow Accelerator includes a technology startup sandbox, a 10-week industry-focused business scale-up program, and a 6-month post-acceleration support program.

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