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(For ecosystem builders with good practices.)

Do you have a good practice that will enable innovators to develop ICT-centric solutions?  

***Make sure to read the full challenge brief before posting your idea.*** 


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Innovation Guide

GenerationS is a corporate accelerator which helps Russian and international companies find their innovation core through various activities and joint initiatives discovering opportunities beneficial for both - startups and corporations. We are the bridge that connects startups with clients in the ICT field as well as in other fields.  

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Ecosystem Best Practices in the Caregiving space - Pan-African Center for Autism (PACA); Caring passionately for loved ones…

A call to paid volunteering. PACA is an award winning caregiver marketplace where caregivers are trained, certified and found by care recipient. PACA creates and maintains a caregiver service delivery ecosystem that drives global employability. PACA creates a self-sustaining community for people with disabilities where they develop their unique abilities into meaningful job skills while building friendship, independence, a sense of belonging and purpose through policy advocacy and social...

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Changing the African narrative through Digital Media

Publiseer is a digital platform that helps underserved and independent African writers, musicians, and filmmakers, from low-income communities, earn above the minimum wage and live above the poverty line from the sales of their creative works. Publiseer does this by helping them distribute, protect, promote, and monetize their creative works across over 400 well-established partner stores worldwide, at no charge, with just a single click. When a unit of any work (book, audiobook, song, music...

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SONAR API- is a Whitelabel emergency management software that enables government, telecommunication, disaster management agencies to identify, locate, and communicate their citizens before, during, and after national disasters. 

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Tech Communities for Small business

Tech Communities for Small business it’s a support community for entrepreneurs or small business, who still do not have enough capital to have technology people on their team,

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