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(For innovators with ideas that create digital impact in their communities.)

Do you have a remarkable idea to accelerate digital transformation

in your community?


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A mobile app to connect medical doctors and patients alike, bringing healthcare to more people.

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Code School

Computer science is absent among our children more so in school. Code school project seeks to inspire children in the country in computer science through computer programming workshops using scratch and other creative tools.

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Kampung Marketer is empowering village youth in e-commerce field

Kampung Marketer wants to solve the unemployment issue in Purbalingga, which is included in the top 10 districts with lowest income in Central Java, Indonesia. This problem is experienced by people in rural areas where there is a lack of internet and knowledge in this area. I want to solve that problem by training and educating village youth about e-commerce that would make them be skilfull human resources in the e-commerce field to compete in the new era digital 4.0. This would be a better...

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Mila Nigeria (

I live in Benin City of Edo State, Nigeria.  There are many physical shops for Electronics, Computers and Accessories, Groceries, etc, in Benin City. But when I go online to shop, Im actually buying from Lagos/Abuja, and it definitely has to take some days at least. That experience is very different and more stressful than my local physical shopping. I have a lot of my favourite shops here in Benin city, Id like to patronise online, but as it stands right now, thats impossible....

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Catalyst Point Rural Solar Powered Wifi Internet Connectivity On-The-Go

CatalystPoint is a technology startup that provides affordable and reliable unlimited high-speed broadband internet service in Nigeria where a large part of the semi-urban and rural population is currently undeserved through solar powered outdoor network tower antennas hotspots stations.  We offer access to internet data plans via solar powered wifi hotspot stations and satellite dish which allow users to access the internet and connect as many device as possible on a pay per use business...

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 Hackathon4Everyone is idea of the software platform for transformation all hackathons and competitions events to digital hackathons and online events in Myanmar(Burma). It will let everyone have a chance to participate in hackathons and to avoid physical events and gathering for preventing Covid 19.

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Afrika Matters Masterclasses

COVID19 has halted the physical workshop impact of Africa Matters on African youth across the continent. Africa’s youth boom does not allow for any room to not empower, upskill and educate African youth. To overcome the effects of COVID19 on African youth, Africa Matters has launched the Africa Matters Masterclass (AMM). AMM combines skills building training from the Africa Matters Youth Leadership Development Program focusing on seven topics including African Identity, Youth Advocacy,...

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Cloud platform for digital certification on DLT of cleaning and sanitizing activities to protect employee health and to guarantee the employer. Response to the need for post-Covid trust to revive the economic recovery. The impact of the pandemic caused by the new Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 on global health, social and economic systems has highlighted how modern societies are particularly sensitive to unforeseen, random, non-linear phenomena, which introduce discontinuity and disorder. The...

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RaebConnect-Farmers E-Business Manager

RaebConnect is a digital platform that will maintain farmers production and financial records and analyses it to produce information for informed decision by Farm Managers,Investors and Financial Institutions.This platform enables farmers to remotely update their farm business record using USSD/SMS this allows the farmer to keep track of its expenses pending the visit of our freelance extension agents who will validate the farmers data.This approach is to ensure that the data sent by the...

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Digital Agriculture Reference Bureau

It’s every smallholder farmer’s nightmare to figure out how to kick start a cropping season, access inputs,  pay for labour, access advisory or sell their produce at the end of a successful season. on the other hand, the service sector composed of financial, insurance services provider, are deadlocked on exploiting a critical potential market in the countryside as they can't be easily reached the scarcity of information aggravates the situation.    Digital Agriculture Reference Bureau is...

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