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(For individual women tech innovators and eligible startups)

Do you have a digital project that creates impact for

women in your community?


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Scan 4 Pads is an initiative under the Maisumata Program which means  ‘Let us study’ in the Maasai Language. The aim of the program is to provide young learners with a platform that allows them to be empowered, encouraged and equipped with relevant skills such as digital literacy skills, and menstrual health and management education. Through the involvement of a robust team of mentors and community volunteers, the project seeks to improve the wellbeing of the girls and women and support the...

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Women E-business

Problem statement Women are most of the population in the world, in Africa and in Rwanda women constitute 52% of the total population (NISR, 2012) Almost in the whole world whenever you talk of women many people suspect that you are likely going to talk about women illiteracy, inequality, their poverty, domestic violence, they are voiceless in making a decision as well as resource ownership. In Africa, women are on the disadvantageous side and the situation becomes worse when it comes to...

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The feminine gender deserves to know

when i was young, i had a lot of dreams for myself but as grew my dreams started to involve others because, as a girl who was raised from a humble background, i would not have made to the different levels of learning but for the sponsors, bursaries  and scholarships, i made it to one of the best universities in Africa and best in Uganda(Makerere University).  It is at this university that i learned how important digital skills/ digital literacy would have been to me at my teenage ages....

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Empowering girls and women through technology and making them financial empower through mobile internet

Women in Digital is an all-star team of female technologists dedicated to bringing more Bangladeshi women into the digital economy. Women in Digital (WID) is dedicated to promote women and girls’ education and empowerment through technology. Established in 2013, WID aims to create digital platforms to support, promote and empower women and girls in areas of information and technology. Women in Digital is concerned about the existing digital and gender divide within the IT sector and thus...


the platform Youmna

The Youmna platform is a web and mobile platform that aims to facilitate access to agricultural products for direct consumption. Her main goal is to prevent the housewife from moving around and receiving her condiments and the necessities for cooking while staying at home. This project is more than useful in a health context like the one the world is currently going through with the Covid 19. It will also help farmers sell their products better by reducing losses and forging partnerships. We...

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The Business Inspiration The difficulty in organizing, accessing and sharing education, decelerates developments. Now days, Learners want to access education instantly while trainers want to benefit more from their career. But, when coming to women, the available education institutions, e-learning and multimedia sharing platforms may be having some limited resources or benefits for them. Our Solution Now, using Anepen platform, women will be able to organize, access and share...

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Smart Farmer, Smart Future

Agricultural sector is recognized as the backbone of our economy. However, to this time the farmers, extension officials and micro/small businesses of this sector are not being able to maximize the benefits of its full potential. This is mainly due to lack of awareness to use updated information & adopt new technology (due to social behavior of farmers), lack of availability and access to relevant information & relevant services on extension and market.  To address these issues,...

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Digital Farm Input Technology

Digital farm input supply technology that involves the use of community shared digital tanks  connected with prepaid meters allows small holder farmers to access organic pesticides in their premises even if they have little amount of money. To access organic pesticides farmers will pay through their mobile phones and/or online banking system and receive a message with a billing code and user instruction guide in both languages narrative and English. A billing code is inserted to a prepaid...

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The key to empowering women

Icon: Fashion and image consulting in one place. Our online platform is a model that integrates image consulting, accompaniment in online shopping, holistic training and access to different fashion stores, in addition to having a free Personal Shopper in real time, provides tools for its users to project their image, find their style and show themselves to the world with greater security. More of our 4 resources: 1. Consulting:  On-site consulting services with Icon's Image...

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Addressing gender digital divide is crucial to ensuring sustainability of women’s livelihood, women’s empowerment and education as over 300 million fewer women access the internet in low-and-middle-income countries than men and according to Council of Foreign Relations, closing the gender gap in the workforce could add a staggering $28 trillion to the global gross domestic product GDP by 2025 if women participated in the economy to the same extent as men. While numerous organization have...

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