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Women in technology challenge

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(For individual women tech innovators and eligible startups)

Do you have a digital project that creates impact for

women in your community?


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An initiative aiming at upskilling girls/women with passion and interest in technology and digital security field, getting more young girls to enter in technology and digital security field by providing training (virtual and physical), mentorship programs, and bring closer opportunities.

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Her Fingers Can Code

Her Fingers Can Code (HFCC) is an initiative that aims to bridge digital gender gap between males and females by exposing young females to innovative and technical skills through programming training that are conducted on physical classes and through an online system. The leading project is HFCC ClassRoom which is focusing on providing free Online programming classes targeting African females. In accordance to that we conduct weekly physical training to Tanzanian gilrs who are challenged...

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e-Fásli self-learning heat therapy device as a physical antipyretic

This IoT (Internet of Things) device provides heat therapy (cooling or heating) that is prescribed by doctors. Tooth abscess, broken limb, rheumatic joints, otitis or sinusitis are crucial examples where, in addition to other therapies, doctors prescribe heat therapy for hospital or home-usage. e-Fásli is the first self-learning heat therapy device. It can be attached to the body and capable of maintaining a level of optimalized temperature between 25 and 45°C for hours. The data...

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Our innovation offers a smokeless clean cookstove that also self-generates electricity to charge mobile phones and light up homes. We also produce wood pellets (Goodlife Pellets) from sawdust and crop wastes that cost 80% ($0.2/kilo) cheaper than charcoal, firewood and kerosene. Our wood pellets is the cheapest cooking fuel in the market today, burns longer and efficiently than charcoal, firewood and kerosene; hence saving each user $300 annually. Also, Powerstove clean cookstove has...

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Bullyid Indonesia

Free emotional and legal knowledge live chat supports for cyberbullying, physical and mental abuse victims in Indonesia.

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Empowering Women Through Information and Communication Technology Especially in Irrigated Agricultural Location

The agricultural sector is one of Indonesia's potential fields. It is a fertile land with two seasons and it’s on the equator, making it a strategic area providing a variety of plants for human needs. Indonesia currently has more than 33 million farmers. Because of this amount, the agricultural sector must be considered and facilitated. Especially with technological advancements, to increase productivity and work efficiency. From the above number, there are as many as 1.3 million female...

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Digital cord

Training program in the use of technology aimed at women in order to empower them and generate sustainable enterprises, initially in rural areas of Colombia.   The program will be restructured and adjusted to the training needs of the target community, and new communities will be reached according to the interest and support received for the initiative, both from the community and from the sponsors.   The product is a PBL Project Based Learning methodology to develop productive digital...

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Zero GBV

The association for the promotion of women for ICT "Musodev" is a non-profit association whose vision is the development and empowerment of women through ICT. Musodev aims to Establish technological solutions allowing prevention as well as raising awareness of common problems of which women and young people are victims.  Give development opportunities to women and girls through ICT. To design, develop and promote the participation of women in ICT-related professions, Promote...

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VirtualyMe App

The VirtualyMe App is aimed at servicing the small business owner who doesn’t have the budget to employ permanent admin staff. South Africa has 5,6 million registered company’s in survivalist mode. Most of them will not succeed because they lack the necessary knowledge and assistance in running a business.The App will provide the user with 24/7 assistance for your business.The idea is the user will downloads and registers,they get an itemized list of their task.Once a task is completed they...

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Cybersec-Pro bono

Cybersec-Pro bono is a hub based in Botswana that will promote the uptake of women in the ICT industry by incubating women to equip them with necessary technical, legal, and soft skills needed to assist on pro bono bases, start-ups, small business as well as individuals who may not be able to afford costs to implement security, and for those who may find themselves victims of cybercrimes. Initially, it will target women who have graduated in a Law Degree (LLB ) or ICT for the first two...

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