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Global South COVID-19 Digital Innovation Challenge

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Innovative teaching practices and improving students' learning: it's all up to you

There is now a consensus that high quality professional learning can lead to improvements in student performance, and the quality of teaching influences learning in the classroom. The Ministry of Education in Cape Verde has started a web lab project in secondary schools on the islands and has introduced computational thinking to the students. External monitors ensure the students' learning and also deliver a ready-made package of ICT training for teachers. Besides the fact that the web lab...

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Blossom is a web app that seeks to be a self-directed complimentary service for diagnosis, psycho-education, and training in the field of emotional and social intelligence. Its purpose is to increment, flourishing and quality of life of its users to benefit, individual and collective well-being. Blossom is considered to be a tool for the promotion of wellbeing and prevention of mental health problems. For this purpose, it uses different types of technologies such as visual, immersive,...

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100100 Store enabling eCommerce digital transformation for the retail market with confidence of digital shopping and ease of online selling

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Africa's healthcare is fragmented and fragile and operate in rather un-synergetic fashion producing less impact on the overall health system across board. Most healthcare organizations are largely paper-based-prone to high levels of inaccuracies and inconsistency leading to poor health system strengthening approaches and health data available for making decisions on key health priorities such as the global COVID-19 Pandemic . In a bid to address challenges of infrastructural gaps...

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O-lab: Learning without Borders Colombia-Nigeria

At Origin Learning Fund, we are providing accessible and inclusive digital learning for all. To accomplish this, we train local organizations to use our personalized offline learning app O-lab, accessible on low-cost devices and adaptable to any language. Origin empowers vulnerable populations to become leaders in their communities, by providing vocational STEAM and entrepreneurship courses that guide youth to create their own sustainable solutions.  By maintaining constant dialogue with...

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DevDir is a platform that matches tech talent with SMEs that lack a hiring workforce. We help small business owners to find the right kind of tech talent for their needs. We publish code challenges related to the type of needs the SMEs are facing. Programmers who pass the code challenges go through an evaluation process in order to match them with an employer. We then charge SMEs for every profile evaluated by our community.  We’re an organization focused on the...

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e-somero Online free Public Library

e-somero is an online public library for students, learners, academicians, and individuals (all sorts of people) where they can find/upload freely available books and research thesis with a core purpose to share knowledge. It was made to support people in sub-Saharan Africa who used to frequent private and public libraries during the pre-covid 19 era. Not only was e-somero established for fighting against the spread of Covid 19, but also as a one-stop platform for students and academicians...

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Based on the advances and recognitions achieved to date by the Renacer Andino cooperative, it is proposed to develop a digital platform to be able to manage 04 parent activities, better linking diversified activities with a market focus. Today, due to pandemic scenarios, there is a huge disconnection of small producers and the need to strengthen the tools developed until now is increasing, but that despite the effort show serious weaknesses; generating delay in the response in all the...

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360 Digital Traceability System, in the trout value chain for small producers- Jaen -Cajamarca.

The development of the Total Traceability Digital System (360) is proposed for the Ecofriendly company, from the incubation, handling, harvesting, transportation, processing, storage and distribution system to customers; this in response to the quality problem that is experienced in each batch of the transformed product; the same one that today impacts profitability. To achieve the implementation, it is proposed to adapt the centaur technology, which has algorithms with AI and...

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Jalule - Digital Business training and sales support for SMEs

The emergence of the COVID-19 has led many businesses to suffer drastic consequences during and after the lockdown that was imposed because they didn't have an online presence. Sales dropped, operations disrupted and some even shut off completely. It's only those with a digital presence that have seemed to minimise these effects. Uganda has nearly over 10 million mobile internet connections in Uganda – a penetration rate of 23 but there is a big digital skills gap for Ugandans to be able to...

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