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Grocery Express

Its an application that will help the user to monitor their grocery consumption patterns and alert them before it ends. When its time to reimburse, the application will give an option to the consumer to order that specific material from their preferred/nearby vendor, who will receive the order directly through the application. Deliveries of those materials will take place within 24-36 hours of the placing of the order.

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Project One Africa

The concept of project one Africa is to provide a mobile platform(App) that would Unify Africans, both Africans in diaspora and Africans at home, so as to help the brightest and smartest of African talent and culture to be shown to the world, this is also to help connect bright minds Africans to opportunities, sponsorship and mentorship. Project One Africa is aimed to be the largest gathering of Africans. 

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Leaforg is a platform that focuses on providing an innovative solution for responsible production and green consumption problems around the world. Our platform will consist of 3 main categories and solutions: 1.       Find a recycler: We will help recycling businesses get noticed by adding their contact details to users interested in getting rid of products in an environmentally friendly way through an interactive map. Users can simply insert their addresses and a list of...

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Charles the Cyber Security Bot

As the pandemic rages in the streets, people from all age groups retort to their digital worlds to discover their safe communities. However, hidden among these groups are those who roam free to create chaos and to commit crimes. Since 2019, according to The Guardian, there has been a 62% increase in ransomware globally. If that isn’t alarming enough, there have been 9.8 million records breached worldwide in 2021 , according to The question that...

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Gifted Minds

There is poor digital access and insufficient educational e-resources mirrored to developing countries curricula which is on high demand as schools embrace ICT. Available e-resources are unknown/hidden since they are scattered across different learning platforms and adhere to different technical standards.   Aggregation of these resources to support adaptive learning is an emerging problem. The existing e-learning systems fall short of the core desirable features that hinder open...

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Telemedicine & Mental Health Counselling

  Problem Statement: Covid-19 Pandemic situation and Rural & hill tracts people are deprived of proper health care service. My Solution: I have created an online platform (App) for doctors & patients and psychologists & clients for solving those problems . We provide telemedicine & counselling services through App by expert doctors & psychologists 24/7. Clients are getting services in their preferable time with payment...

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Visiola Virtual School Device (VSD)

The Visiola Foundation’s Virtual School Device (VSD) has been designed to provide education and digital skills training to marginalized children in low-income communities, rural areas, and conflict-affected states. It is a sturdy, virtual learning tool that empowers these children, while supporting teachers to increase their knowledge and improve the efficacy of their instruction.   It bypasses myriad challenges   by hosting the national curriculum and other educational materials offline....

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ICT education as a tool to bridge digital in the society

I recognized the importance of information and Communication Technology (ICT) in building a brighter future by effectively harnessing it's power to engage and educate young youths on the use of the tool to bridge digital divide in the society. 

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Digital Financial Inclusion of Youth in developing countries

According to OECD (2020), almost half of the young people around the world do not have a basic bank account at a formal financial institution. There is a disparity in opportunities that youth in developing economies face in comparison to youth in developed economies. For instance, 84% of young people in high-income countries are financially included, compared with fewer than 40% in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and Latin America and the Caribbean. The main...

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Emergency Telecommunications Infrastructure.

We propose a solution of an Emergency Telecommunications Infrastructure for First Responders to use in case of a disaster or emergency.  The solution we propose here is one which uses a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) to carry and hover above ground with Payload (Customer Premises Equipment TV White Space Device and an Access Point Device) which will offer blanket network coverage to the area where the incident occurred. The customer premises equipment will be connected...

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