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Online interactive gallery for unestablished artists

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Online art market is on the rise, online art sales are forecast to increase from 4.82 billion $ in 2019 to 9.32 billion $ in 2024 (

I would like to develop an interactive online gallery  in which we would present international artists that are not yet known and are having trouble with the transparency of art market. 

Especially now during Covid-19 crisis, when the standard galleries are closed, we can see a shift towards online galleries, but they are not in favour of young not yet established artists, that didn't exhibit previously in classic galleries, art fairs and other exhibitions. 

Online gallery would have a special feature of video game. Beside "classical" online gallery, visitor could enter the video game, pick his character and walk in the gallery he would choose (based on his criteria and what kind of art he would like to see). Visitor could find out more about the works by pressing different buttons, sometimes he would even be able to modify the art and make his own art. 

Define three specific objectives that you would like to achieve with your proposal.

1. Develop online interactive gallery and promote young, talented but unestablished artists to:

- Help artists sell their work on our online gallery

- Provide known curators critics on the presented works

- Help young artists to become internationally known and give them a chance to start working with other galleries

- Become an "start-up lab" for artists: which means they would be able to monetize their skills by:

a. selling their art works

b. link the artists with companies which could provide them grants

c. become part of consultant service of our company in which we will help companies to boost the creativity of their employees and create the creative culture. 

2. Online gallery would be directly linked to consultancy service of the same company, where we would consult companies on: 

-art based learning for creativity and innovation, 

-collaboration and team work,

-culture change or building common culture in case of mergers...




What problems (particularly in value chain competitiveness and global disruption) are your community’s stakeholders facing due to the Covid-19 pandemic?

1. Art market is very complicated especially because it's missing the transparency. What young artists need is someone who will be able to promote them internationally by new innovative approach that will help to change the way the art market works. 

2. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the online galleries are at rise, but they are not in favor of unestablished artists. Their criteria to present certain artists includes previous exhibitions in classic galleries, art fairs or exhibitions, which is impossible to meet for some artists. 

3. Companies need to be innovative in this period more then ever, so our consultancy service would be very useful for them. 

What minimum viable solution(s) are you proposing to address the challenge(s) in your community?

I want to help those unestablished artists, who can't meet the criteria of online galleries by presenting them and their works in innovative way, that will attract the visitors and collectors. Many companies are buying art works and are involving in bringing art to their companies to become creative socially responsible companies. Here is the list of some big companies in the USA that support art:

I would also invite known curators and art critics to write their opinion about the artist, which would make the site more credible. 

Share your story (your narrative)

Artists have always been struggling to become known and sell their works. Art market is using its tools, that are not really transparent and hard to understand. 

Galleries and art fairs were pushed to close their doors due to Covid-19 and they turned into online galleries. There are many right now, but they didn't change anything about the transparency. For unestablished artists its hard to meet their criteria to be presented in their online gallery. 

Buyers have shown they are ready and open to buy art online as I already mentioned: online art market is on the rise, online art sales are forecast to increase from 4.82 billion $ in 2019 to 9.32 billion $ in 2024 ( target clients who would buy the works from unestablished artists are socially responsible companies which are buying art works. My goal is not only to sell the works, but present the artists, give them the opportunity to receive the critics of known curators or artists and so the opportunity to enter the art market. 

I also think that management and art have a lot in common and could benefit from each other if we link them. Their common trait is creativity and we all know how much the creativity and innovation is needed now days for business. My idea is basically connect artists with companies and provide services where artists would "consult" companies and help them become more creative and innovative. 

Please provide any additional relevant information that you would like to share.

I wrote about this idea in my master thesis, that I attached. It's in Slovenian, but maybe you could use the Google Translate if you are interested to read. The first part is about creativity as the link between management and art and the second is about the project of an online interactive gallery. 

The business model for our company would be: 

Free participation for artists, they wouldn't pay any fee to be visible on our platform. We would have a selection process and the selected artist would receive the link to the backoffice where he would be able to enter his information and previously selected works. 

Our company"s revenues would be generated by:

- fees from sold art works, 

- consultancy service provided to companies

- investments.

Gaming part of the platform will be a minor part, available only in English in certain countries (probably EU) to avoid issues (at least at the start). 

Marketing plan: Myself I will start building community of artists in countries where I have friends and can help me get the contacts. I'm planning to contact art schools and gain their support to tell about our platform to their students. 

We would select artists based on their story, works their interest and motivation to contribute and involve ... 

Once we would have enough selected artists we could launch the platform and make take care of marketing to companies. I will probably need some help here. 



Your Final Proposal for challenge


edited on Aug 31, 2020 by Karin Rehar
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Frenk Kren 9 months ago


Ruta Boguzaite 9 months ago

Great initiative, very relevant

Jernej Trogar 9 months ago

Nice idea for both side - artist and buyer. Good Luck

AnaP 9 months ago

Pretty cool!

Patrick Obumselu 9 months ago

Great initiative, have you done a market survey and actually test this idea with real users?

Karin Rehar 7 months ago

Hi Patrick, yes the survey has been done as part of master thesis among art students from HEAD Geneva. 95% of art students that cooperated in this survey said they would be interested to present their works in such platform.

Karin Rehar 9 months ago

Hi Patrick, thanks. I made a survey among artists and the results showed they are supporting this way of promotion. I haven't done the survey among (buyers) but I have done a market research with bench marketing and as I mentioned my project has an advantage because of its social responsibility aspect.

Nivashini Rave Rattey 9 months ago

Please upload your profile photos and provide constructive and meaningful feedback that will help Karin to refine her idea. Your current comments are not helpful.

Sunday Bawa 8 months ago

That was what I was talking about, robo gmail accounts for scoring and nice comments, those accounts ain't submitting any ideas either. And also are these scores to exclusively come from category team mates or otherwise? Maybe increase the number of voter power allocated to participants ? think you need look in this area. Thanks

Users tagged:

(Account removed) 9 months ago

Great projet and very adapted to this challenging period

Alex Carle 9 months ago

HI. I have seen a few early stage ideas of somethign similar. I dont fully understand the gaming aspect, but imagine it is more of an auction maybe? I presume it is global or would you start in a specific context? Have you considered the sustainability of the concept post COVID because i expect it could be possible. Also, i wonder if a link to Pintrest might be an interesting business model?

Karin Rehar 7 months ago

Hi Alex, thanks for your input. I don't see this platform as Etsy per example, where users have to pay to be able to promote their works and pay extra if they want to connect it to Pinterest or other social media. Video game aspect is there to make innovative solution even more interesting and "different" from other platforms like Behance, Deviance, Singulart .... It would be global definitely, but maybe for start it would be easier to focus on European countries

Rahul Jha 8 months ago

Proud of your idea Mojca, very innovative. Good luck

Fahmida Hossain 8 months ago

Hello Karin Rehar, I really glad to know about your project. Do you have a platform where artists can display their projects?

Karin Rehar 7 months ago

Hi Fahmida, not yet, but thats the plan :)

Fahmida Hossain 7 months ago

Please let me know when it will be developed. I will definitely visit there!!!

Tafadzwa Chikwereti 8 months ago

Thats great have ypu carried out ypur test pilot ? To check the market niche .

Karin Rehar 7 months ago

I'm about to do this

Daiyoung Jung 7 months ago

Overall, your idea seems to be a little lacking in explanation. Why don't you summarize the results of the survey of painters(artists) and post them here. You told you haven't conducted a survey among buyers. Do you have any plan to do that? It is said that visitors to online galleries could interact with each other & artists. I think you need to explain more about that in detail. Your idea is a great fit now that the Corona virus is going around.

Nivashini Rave Rattey 7 months ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

Nivashini Rave Rattey 7 months ago

Status label added: Community feedback received

Thomas Mueller 7 months ago

Why did you choose to "Gamify" it in the user interface. Would that not also distract the viewer or potential customers from the actual Art itself?

What is the goal of the App. Awareness or Selling?

Karin Rehar 7 months ago

It could be seen as a distraction in one way.. I was thinking about adding the video game aspect as additional way of discovering art. I would add this as an option, where the viewer can pick its own way of visit.
Like some online galleries include tests for visitors to discover what kind of art fits their personality. Video game aspect is here to add to the innovative note of the online gallery and to bring art closer to everyone. But the main focus is on promotion of unestablished artists and on the sale of their work.

Karin Rehar 7 months ago

and I forgot to add that the focus is also on helping the unestablished artists get their first (online) exhibitions with curators comments on their work. This references can later be used by artists when applying for residencies, art fairs ...

Thomas Mueller 7 months ago

Got it. Great Idea. And the next big thing in that perspective is AR. With Augmented Reality you can do really great stuff in showing Art.

EUNICE KAJALA 7 months ago

Hi Karin,

There are a lot of unestablished artists worldwide.How will you make your online interactive gallery known to your local communities and worldwide, so that, they can present their work?

Karin Rehar 6 months ago

Hi Eunice,
I think that art schools would be a good start. I tried with Head Geneva and I got positive response when I was doing a survey among art students to see if they are interested in participating.

Victoria Masso 7 months ago

Status label added: Mentor feedback received

Karin Rehar 6 months ago

Hello Victoria, I was told to contact you for final expert feedback. Could you please provide it so that I can do a final submission today?
I would greatly appreciate it.
Best regards,
Mojca Rehar

Niedja Cavalcante 7 months ago

Hi Karin,

I hope you are doing well. The project´s presents a very creative and innovative idea. Thanks for sharing it.

After going through the project´s details some questions and suggestions questions came to mind in order to help refine your project.

1- In terms of information presented

The description presents very relevant information, however it would nice if a paper or an article from credible source could support the information mentioned that implies a research, as follows:
“Many companies are buying art works for their collections and many companies are trying to be socially responsible”
“Buyers have shown they are ready and open to buy art online”

The project proposal has a gamification. Therefore, every game has penalties, rules and prizes. Can you describe the game and how can it support artists by increasing number of people on online galleries?

The project's target is young unknown artists. If a well known artist or an older unknown artists wants to join the galery how will it be addressed?

2- In terms of business model
The platform is designed to promote young unknown artists. So, can you detail how does an investor can generate revenue with the solution?
What is the business proposal for young artists? do they have to pay a fee to use the platform?
Is there any fee charged to the people who enter the online platform to evaluate the artwork?
The proposal states that the gallery will promote young artists internationally.
What are the plans to adapt the gamification for different cultures and languages in order to avoid cultural issues ?
How will be the international marketing be to attract artist, investors and general public?

I really hope that my contribution with the questions presented above have added value to your project. Keep up the great work!

Best regards,
Niedja Cavalcante .

Achia Khaleda 7 months ago

Love it, I was planning for something like this for the artist. You can make a marketplace for the artist. I have research on it and I did not get anyone till now. I can share with you some of my idea
1. Make a marketplace
2. Connect local and international artist
3. Make their profile over their
4. Buy and sell option
5. Make a online gallery
6. Arrange local and international art exhibition
7. Reating the picture
8. arrange global art competitions
9. Promote localization
10. of course different language options
it was my plan... if you want you can make it like this way.

Karin Rehar 6 months ago

I would be very happy to cooperate :)

Alberto Farca 7 months ago

Dear Karin,

Congratulations on this idea. Although I am no expert, I am aware of the lack of innovation and disruption in the art market. I have heard many artists complain about how a few galleries dictate who is successful in who is not. I specially liked your proposal so that they can receive critics from curators and other artists.

I have a few questions and suggestions regarding your idea that may help you with your final submission:

1. For those of us who are not familiarized with the art world, I think it would be useful if you further explain why there is a lack of transparency in the art market and why art galleries do not favor unestablished artists.

2. How would your idea address these issues? Will every artist be able to enter your platform? Or what kind of selection criteria would you use?

3. Finally, it would be useful to know how you plan to make this virtual gallery sustainable.

Congratulations on this idea to bring disruption to the art world.

Best regards,


Karin Rehar 6 months ago

Hi Alberto, thank you for your comment. Art market is the least legally regulated big-budget market, but what I'm more concerned is the transparency of pricing and the opportunities for artist to present their work. That's why I would like to give opportunity to everyone who is interested in promotion of their work. There would be criteria of course, one of the "conditions" would be being involved in art school or having many years of experiences in creating art. But it would all depend on the art work actually, if our curators would find some works interesting, they could be presented on the platform although artists didn't go to art school.

Davidson Akujiofor 6 months ago

How would you market this product?

Nivashini Rave Rattey 6 months ago

Status label added: Expert feedback received

Nivashini Rave Rattey 6 months ago

Your answer describing the MVP is weak. The same applies for the story.
Clearly describe the points of parity and differentiation of your MVP and state why it will work and what unique feature of it will make your solution impactful. Also, clearly elaborate on the key activities, processes and mechanisms behind your MVP. Justify how these will address the needs of your target audience.

Go watch the video of the final webinar to develop a remarkable story.

You can start working on the final documents. The challenge ends today at 11:59 p.m (CEST). Late submissions will not be entertained and you are also required to develop a video.

Users tagged:

Nivashini Rave Rattey 6 months ago

Status label added: Submission completed

Nivashini Rave Rattey 5 months ago

Status label added: Idea under jury review

Nivashini Rave Rattey 5 months ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.