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Bullyid Indonesia

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Free emotional and legal knowledge live chat supports for cyberbullying, physical and mental abuse victims in Indonesia.

State your goals

  • Breaking stigma of mental health
  • Improve emotional resilience
  • Distribute equal access to supports
  • Reduce vulnerability of society to abuse cases
  • Increase awareness on the legal consequences
  • Minimize hidden danger of cyberbullying


What problems (particularly in value chain competitiveness and global disruption) are your community’s stakeholders facing due to the Covid-19 pandemic?

In Indonesia, 94% victims of online harassment during “work-from-home” keep their pain alone, over 3000+ cases of child abuse during quarantine and online abuse cases leapt by 300% during COVID-19 outbreak.

Majority of cyberbullying victims are mainly coming from minority groups. That the same issues like in Indonesia, since the COVID-19 pandemic hits the country, our live chat full of stories about online racism, mainly from Chinese Indonesian roots. On top of emotional support, we also educate our visitors about legal consequences that we have according to Indonesia's laws and policies, technical support (things how to report/block or restrict account on Social media platform) as well as intervention processes.

We also understand that many expatriates and asylum seekers/refugees who also have to be quarantined in Indonesia, this is why we see the importance for having English and Bahasa supports, which also providing relevant and authorized information regarding COVID-19 issues in Indonesia which mainly in Bahasa. We have received many requests simply where to go if they have symptoms of COVID-19, which hospitals that can accommodate them and what exactly the updates in the local news.

What minimum viable solution(s) are you proposing to address the challenge(s) in your community?

We dedicate this platform to bring equality and justice accessible for everyone by raising awareness towards mental health and law enforcement. With over 3000 cases in online harassment and gender-based violence during lockdown, we wish to make this project continuously and adding feature of Revenge Porn Help Centre, to help collaboratively with social media companies to take down image abuse contents and Self-Screening Intimate Partner Violence (with AI integration).

Our missions are to increase resilience and reduce vulnerability of society to physical, mental and online abuse cases. Bringing equality and justice accessible for everyone by raising awareness towards mental health and law enforcement. Media coverage can be seen at:

Share your story (your narrative)


 While women make up the vast majority, in terms of sheer numbers, of those who have experience rape or sexual assault, we must also consider the high risk for gender and sexual minorities (GSM) and racial and ethnic minorities. During COVID-19, things are getting worst.

 We have been receiving many people came anonymously through our live chat platform. In Indonesia, 94% victims of online harassment during "work-from-home" keep their pain all alone, over 3000 cases of child abuse during quarantine and online abuse cases leapt by 300% during COVID-19.

This shows how much a platform like this is in demand, I have been invited to speak in different platforms, received supports to continue the work and media which supporting our journey building Bullyid platforms in Indonesia.

We believe a simple gesture knowing that someone out there is listening, supporting and comforting mean a lot for survivors and victims out there. We have been dedicating Bullyid to be remain free platform that openly for public, where people can speak freely and anonymously.


Providing emotional support is extremely crucial to support people during COVID-19 outbreak. Although our trained volunteers are not licensed psychologist, we have been providing Psychology First Aid, to help people mitigating stress, provide safety, comforting and connect them with relevant information.

 With relevancy of issues that has been coming to us were having the legal consequences, we are also providing legal knowledge support to let victims aware on their rights and encourage them to report to police if needed and provide relevant information required; taking screenshots from social media, report/block and who they can contact further.

 Adding features:

Revenge Porn Help Centre

With 35% of cases we receive are mainly concerning about intimate image-abuse, and social media platforms are normally taking-time to take down a reported content, we believe we could work collaboratively with social media companies to take-down "revenge porn" content.

In this context, we are not only providing emotional and legal knowledge supports but also technically help victims to take-down the videos/images that circulated online without their consent. 

Dummy of Revenge Porn Help Centre:


Self-Screening Intimate Partner Violence

Based on the cases we receive, considering the culture and majority religion background in the country, we observe majority of women and girls above 18+ years old do not aware on the boundaries within their relationships. As majority of people who came complaining their partners being abusive and they tend to feel ok about it.

We would like to integrate Artificial Intelligence using NLP to enable people to check, learn to spot abusive behaviour and signs from their partners. The AI integration we find it important as our volunteers will not be able to respond immediately, and majority of abusive cases came after 10pm.

Using chat-bot will be the best solution to tackle this case.

Dummy of Self-Screening Intimate Partner Violence:

Please provide any additional relevant information that you would like to share.

Please check the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection's website that featured Bullyid Indonesia. (


Your Final Proposal for challenge


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edited on Sep 3, 2020 by Agita Pasaribu
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James Kiruri 7 months ago

Dear Agita, this is a welcome idea considering that Covi19 is really complicating the mental health issues as well as the impact on bullying. Is this a first or has there been a similar idea done elsewhere. Good luck and well done.

Agita Pasaribu 7 months ago

Dear James, thank you for your support. As far as I know we are the only integrating emotional and legal knowledge supports in one platform.

EUNICE KAJALA 7 months ago

Good initiative. How will you measure the impact of your project?

Agita Pasaribu 7 months ago

Hi Eunice, thank you for your comment. We work closely with Ministry of Women Empowerment and Children Protection as well as cyber police agency in Indonesia, the tangible measurement would be seen if the numbers of GBV are lower.

Ivan Ochieng 7 months ago

Hi Agita. Your idea is tackling a real issue that needs to be addressed. However, how do you plan to sustain the initiative?

Agita Pasaribu 7 months ago

Hi Ivan, thank you for your comment. We are providing free support for public, to make this initiative sustainable, we have been promoting to expand our line to reach our private sectors/companies to use our platform, where we will dedicate a team for each companies, getting monthly subscription fees and working along with their HR department to increase employee's mental health and well-being.

Sunday Bawa 7 months ago

Yes Yes Yes. Please include delivery of service via ussd too

Angela Matlapeng 7 months ago

Hi Agita. This is a very thoughtful idea to address bullying. I liked that you also included intimate partner violence which is a very sensitive issue that many women feel stuck and shy away from reporting such violence especially when they are scared to get divorce afraid to loose their bread winners. You did mention that you have trained volunteers who aren't necessarily licensed psychologists, do you perhaps plan to establish partnerships with psychologists, social workers or child protection services who can assist effectively?

Also, i like the idea of using pattern recognition to be able to respond to chats post 10 pm. I am just a little bit worried about whether the chat bots will be able to meet the emotional needs of your clients considering that AI customer facing solutions and chat bots still face the challenge of misinterpreting emotions and sentiments. Even if they get the emotions right, they may still struggle to address the underlying issues that only a human can get to through more probing. Not to say it can't be done, but certainly your team would have to invest in lots and loads of training to get it working.

Another thing is the sensitivity of data. How does the platform support anonymity and ensure the protection of sensitive data especially with your data protection bill coming up? How about chat bot security as the collected data will be transmitted over the internet for processing before feedback is given to the client.
On another note, I think it'd be also ideal to invest in a mobile office that will reach out to rural areas where connectivity is still an issue because really, that is where much of abuse is but people don't have the means to get help.

Otherwise, many thanks for this platform and hope many of us here can benchmark from it.

Agita Pasaribu 7 months ago

Hi Angela, many thanks for your comments. We are utilizing trained volunteers who are the third/last year Psychology and Law students in Indonesia. In the same time, we have been expanding this line to reach out licensed psychologist and pro-bono law firms as our partners to help the victims escalate their issues (if they wish).

We will be utilizing AI only for Self-Screening IPV tool, this tool will not be designed to have any conversation. This AI friendly robot will designed to ask YES/NO questions that related to IPV issues to help people identifying and measure their current relationship's situation, this is only to gain awareness and trigger people to know what to do if their relationship is unhealthy.

Sure, we value everyone's privacy, more about confidentiality and privacy policy are available on our website:

Thank you.

Angela Matlapeng 7 months ago

Hi Agita. Thank you for your response. You have addressed my concerns quite well. I checked out and I noticed that it is hosted without an SSL certificate. Just wanted to say you should have this implemented asap because non-SSL websites are very susceptible to interception such that if your users are sitting on public wifi, the unencrypted communication between user browser and your hosting server can get man-in-the-middle attacks including cross site scripting attacks that can steal the cookies which your application are actually collecting. Even you as the owner signing into your content manager over unprotected wifi could get your credentials stolen. While you are getting a certificate, you can temporarily use open source such as lets Encrypt. Also if you not already actively looking out for typosquatting and domain squatting, you can use these guidelines to ensure that your users do not end up being redirected to hoax sites that appear alike to just to steal information. My personal two cents opinion is to have it registered as a .id instead of .org, something like or so that users can easily identify it with Indonesia

Agita Pasaribu 7 months ago

Hi again Angela, many thanks for your reply, I completely aware on the SSL issue. And we have been endlessly working to make sure our project can generate fund that sustainable to be allocated for domain, SSL, and more secure live chat programme.

The only concern why we delay the SSL is solely because we haven't got the source of fund that sustain at the moment, and all of us working volunteering for this project.

In terms of domain, yes we bought's as well, is just we hosting on the .org.

Nabuyuni Sankan 7 months ago

Hello Agita

Great initiative raising such a sensitive topic.

How are you planning to have security of data and quick reports done by the women through your platform ?Also what measures are you taking to identify the rural and interior community who might not know where to report the incident or rather have no smart phone devices.

Best Regards.

Agita Pasaribu 7 months ago

Dear Nabuyuni,

Thank you for your comment, in terms of privacy policy, you may access it through our privacy policy page in here We are implementing SSL certificate as soonest we my able to get significant funding. Unfortunately, I believe there is no initiative that fits for all.

For those who don't have internet access, the Ministry has direct call to accommodate their issues.

Achia Khaleda 7 months ago

Hello Agita, I have 2 question, 1. what is your business model? 2. Why didn't you trying to develop a mobile application for helping more people.

Agita Pasaribu 7 months ago

Hi Achia, thank you for your comment. Currently our business model is to reach out private sector to utilize Bullyid for Business platform where we work closely with Company to provide employees' emotional support and provide relevant support to employees who experience harassment during office hours.

We have done a survey regarding Mobile App, it turns out many people prefer to have platform that mobile friendly instead of having it with Mobile App that has to be downloaded prior using it.

Fahmida Hossain 6 months ago

I really like your idea. I have already visited your website, which impressed me even more. How many sources can a victims report to you? What can be your global base Scalability plan?

Sukhveer Atwal 6 months ago

Hi Agita,

It is an amazing initiative that you are running! It is really clear from the information you have provided that you understand the needs of your community and how to best support them.

As a charity, how have you funded yourself up to this point and how do you plan to fundraise?

It’s great you included all the coverage you have received it really validates your idea. Do you have any specific data about the users you have already supported and the traction you have had to the platform?

It would also be really good to hear about how you see your project growing and who would be the key stakeholders/partners that could support your initiative?

Good Luck!


Tafadzwa Chikwereti 6 months ago

a real issue here
so how do women access it do they pay If so how is is priced
if not how do you plan on being sustainable?

Tafadzwa Chikwereti 6 months ago

also feel free to vote for my idea and leave a comment lets co create

Tafadzwa Chikwereti 6 months ago

adding on to that

1) Do women pay to access it ?

If not how are you planning to be sustainable ? If yes how will low income societies women be able to access it?

2) how xan women get anonymously since GBV perpetrators are ussually peole they know so how does it work ? .

Suggestion try to make it also into a hotline for anonymous tips even from neighbours family or friends

Also make it accessible for even low income women.

Look foward to your response and support on my idea

Agnes Brenda Tugume 6 months ago

Hello Agita,this is a good idea,just wandering how to you plan to reach out this category of women who feel insecureto share their data yet being affected seriously.

Then which technology are you using for data security since data is sentitive nowdays.
All the best

Israel Abazie 6 months ago

People this is an awesome initiative. Being that your technology input is not cheap, how do you plan on your continuity in funding your project? What's your business model

Ivana Kostic 6 months ago

Great initiative Agita! Is this project related to children and women or all citizens? Would you extend to other markets? What is the first feedback or results in numbers of decrease? Many thanks, Ivana

Calister Simba 6 months ago

Amazing and considerable ideas especially in this situation.

I like it actually and I believe not only Indonesia needs it but also the whole world.

It will reach further, keep pushing girl!!!!

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Okey Esse 6 months ago

Hello, this is a great idea and wonderful implementation strategy. How have you managed to ensure the enforcement of arrests of identified GSM defaulters??

Muyunda Kaonga 6 months ago

Hello Agita, thumbs up to you. We need more people like you in this world to make it a better place for all especially for women. The COVID-19 crisis and social distancing measures have caused deep concerns about their impact on women in abusive relationships. In terms of business perspective how do you intend to sustain your project? All the best

Nivashini Rave Rattey 6 months ago

Status labels added: Community feedback received, Mentor feedback received

Nivashini Rave Rattey 6 months ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

Nivashini Rave Rattey 6 months ago

You need to elaborate more on your MVP. Discuss the points of parity and differentiation. Why your solution will work? What makes it work? Describe the mechanisms behind it.

If you manage to refine your idea based on all the feedback and post it on the site (by pressing the edit button) today. You can still get the expert feedback tag and submit your final documents.

Remember, challenge ends tmrw (31 Aug). It's your call.

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Nivashini Rave Rattey 5 months ago

Status labels added: Expert feedback received, Submission completed

Nivashini Rave Rattey 5 months ago

Status label added: Idea under jury review

Nivashini Rave Rattey 5 months ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.