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Ketabi App

The available technology is evolving beyond our imagination , but we are not utilizing it where it really matters .

​Our approach to ELearning assumes that our kids know what's best for them , That they can prioritize Virtual Course over checking Social Media feed or Playing their favorite video game , which is totally not the case .​

​Covid-19 has uncovered the fact that our educational system and how we teach hasnt really changed since the 80s , as when we had to rely on Technology for Remote Education ,we copied the physical classroom experience and just put a camera in front of the teacher and a display in front of the student ! , broadcasting information to all student without taking into consideration each kid's capabilities , weaknesses and personal strengths.

Ketabi is the first mobile application that combines Mobile Device Management , Content Restriction , Home tasks Management and Online Education , all in one Application for the ultimate goal of building a better future for our kids .

We all know how The tech at hand can cater for personalized , tailor-made education , and that what we are investing in.

At Ketabi , We dream of the day that our kids will go to school to Play , Socialize , Exercise and do Hands-on Experimentation while most of the reading and studying to be done at home after school ,

 A Hybrid Model that combines the best of the two worlds . 

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Nivashini Rave Rattey Jun 16, 2021

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.


Omar Al-Majali Jul 29, 2021

Our beta version will be launched SOON ! , to get latest updates , Please go to and subscribe .. Wish us luck !


Kader ILBOUDO Aug 8, 2021