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Nursing Assistance and Reinforcement System

Reliance on digital technologies has helped individuals with convenience but it has also brought pressing issues with it such as security issues, digital divide, fake news, and miscommunication, etc. Together with the COVID-19 pandemic, an ‘infodemic’ has also erupted wherein there is an epidemic of misinformation led by trolls and misinformed users that happened due to the increasing dependency on information systems. Fake news has been distinguished between; disinformation staged and intended false information to influence the knowledge of the mass population, and misinformation, where people misinterpret factual information and spread different versions of it until deviates from its true meaning. Misinformation often happens because of how the information is delivered to the public in a way that it does not resonate effectively with its readers which, in return, professionals who officiate the spread of disinformation utilize as their advantage to gain the public’s pulse.

This is why a group of student nurses from the Philippines are innovating by championing an artificial intelligence extension and application for the public. Using existing features of Facebook, the NARS or Nursing Assistance and Reinforcement System are able to able to analyze faulty social media posts and tailor-fit them for people to understand. It may also analyze a post if it is deliberately created to spread disinformation in which the AI is able to stop its algorithm, therefore, halting the post from generating profit. The public is reinforced with rewards partnered with local businesses to promote corporate social responsibility. This makes reporting fake news not only a mission but also a recognition as people are now able to benefit from reporting fake news. For example, a smartphone user can plant a tree with a partner business for every 50 articles reported or for 50 services requested. Leaving no one behind through healthcare technology.

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Nivashini Rave Rattey Jun 24, 2021

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.


Esho Banchte Shikhee Aug 13, 2021

Great work.