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Affordable food for Everyone

Food is  essential for everyone .The outbreak of the pandemic came with not only lack of food to  millions of Ugandans but also increased food waste since farmers could hardly get buyers as it was before the lock down .

We are aware that farmers , food market vendors found it hard to sell off all the their food products .In a condition where they dont have proper cold storage technologies to help them store their unsold food as they wait for buyers of the Unsold food . We also aware that due to lock down many cant afford to buy food as they used to do before lockdown . 

With the above revelation , solerchil technologies Uganda Ltd makes and  rents  Solar powered cold  rooms to farmers and food market vendors to safely preserve their  unsold food for a longer time. we go on to link them to buyers who are ready to buy the the Unsold food that is in good condition for consumption but almost getting expired at half price .This avails those who may not afford to buy the expensive food to have chance to have a meal by ordering this half priced food through our  Ai conversational  E-commerce chatbot accessible on whatsapp ,face and sms platforms  . In the end  we kill three Birds with one stone Farmers and Food market vendors safely preserve their unsold food while and  earn from the unsold food that they would have left to be waste while availing nutritious food to low income earners at a very reduced price. 

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Solercool LLC Trading as Solerchil in Uganda

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edited on Jul 13, 2021 by shamim nabuuma
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Nivashini Rave Rattey Jul 14, 2021

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.


Kader ILBOUDO Aug 8, 2021

Impactful project. How do you make sure farmers refund your money?