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Deployment Small Cell Antennas - A Paradigm Shift

I developed a disruptive solution through a win-win procedure, in which citizens, telecommunications infrastructure companies and local administrations obtain benefits with no harm for any stakeholder.

Local administrations can plan the places where Small Cell antennas must be installed in urban furniture - ideally without any type of permits for incentivizing infrastructure investments - in order to accelerate infrastructure deployment and bridge the digital divide. I respond to an unidentified need and offer a new service to solve it. 

The combination of Municipal Planning and telecommunication market could accelerate infrastructure deployment. An international organization as ITU could be able to persuade and guide governments to implement innovative strategies to bridge digital divide.

Connecting the unconnected through quality services offers opportunities and competitive advantages to citizens, particularly youth, to generate economic growth and emerge from underdevelopment.

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edited on Jul 29, 2021 by Sebastian Perez Gutierrez
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Nivashini Rave Rattey Jul 30, 2021

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.


Kader ILBOUDO Aug 8, 2021



Esho Banchte Shikhee Aug 13, 2021

Your idea is excellent. Carry on.