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Computer and Digital Literacy for Young Youths and Women (CDLYYW) in Adamawa State

As we transit into the digital world, securing job or opportunity becomes more challenging to youths-and-women within Adamawa State communities due to lack of competency in computer and digital literacy. Breeliyanth computers bridges this gap by organizing trainings tailored to equip young-people with computer and digital skills.

Our goal is to;

1.        Train 5,000 young people by 2030 and

2.        Create 1000 new job-opportunities curbing the youth-unemployment around.

Targeted audience are youths-and-women between the ages of 10–29. This is because growing number of this group have access to digital devices but tend to use them for social purposes only.

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Nivashini Rave Rattey 2 months ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.


Evans Chukwueloka 2 months ago

This is a great, novel idea. Computer and Digital literacy is highly needed in the remote communities of third world countries.


Excel Empire 2 months ago

This is a Great platform. And I know That you will make Us Your Capacity as an IT expert.All the Best Sir.


AKILA ZUHUMNAN 2 months ago

Your dedication and commitment towards excellence is outstanding. Amazing idea from an expert. Success


Dorathy Ezekiel 2 months ago

Great work Dogara. You have been an impact to many. Keep winning...


steve tim 2 months ago

This is huge Dogara.. 👏👏👏. Keep the good work.


Uka John Okoroafor 2 months ago

This is a needed and a welcomed development at this time. Keep it up


Andrew Innocent 2 months ago

Brilliant idea, May this dream reach to fulfilment, God bless


Yogesh Aryal 2 months ago

Nice idea


Akila Plangnan 2 months ago

Awesome Idea. this will bring relief to youths and women in terms of job opportunities. Keep going.


Plangnan Kaltiya 2 months ago

Great innovation.


Friday Bitrus 2 months ago

Superb idea🥰
It is undeed the most needed idea in Adamawa State


Sunday Jeremiah Samuel 2 months ago

This is so essential at this time


Lazz Junior 2 months ago

A very healthy mindset.. Am proud


Isa Abdulkadir Atiku 2 months ago

Great mind, Our Community need the digital knowledge


Micheal kiyingi 1 month ago

Wow. I love how futuristic and ambitious this idea is. We need to accelerate efforts to digitize the African continent.


Ivan Fredrick Kasonko 1 month ago

Great idea


Tanyisu Robert 1 month ago

Wow this is a great idea, with A person like you our community will be transformed. More wisdom 👌👌


Esho Banchte Shikhee 1 month ago

At the present era, digital literacy is compulsory. Keep it up.


Kader ILBOUDO 1 month ago

Good project