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Blended Hands-on Science Teacher Training

Blended Hands-on Science Teacher Training is a low-cost STEM Teacher Roadmap Programme that equips basic school STEM teachers with skills to use locally-available materials to make learning come to life in their classrooms. Our Teacher Roadmap is a human capital development programme that does away with rote memorization, indoctrinates learning-by-doing for the enhancement of creativity and critical thinking, rouses interest to pursue STEM, and increases learning outcomes. It combines in-person and digital approach such as live sessions via online educational and communication tools, pre-recorded videos and slides with voice overs, group assignments and peer-to-peer tutoring via Zoom and Google classroom.

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Nivashini Rave Rattey Aug 3, 2021

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.


Jalatera Indonesia Aug 7, 2021

great idea


Rebecca Nanono Aug 8, 2021

How do learners who cannot access the internet use your platform ?