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Telemedicine & Mental Health Counselling


Problem Statement:

Covid-19 Pandemic situation and Rural & hill tracts people are deprived of proper health care service.

My Solution:

I have created an online platform (App) for doctors & patients and psychologists & clients for solving those problems. We provide telemedicine & counselling services through App by expert doctors & psychologists 24/7. Clients are getting services in their preferable time with payment and can do chatting, audio, and video calling from anywhere & anytime. Clients are also getting E-prescription and report uploading systems. Now we have 100+ doctors and 30+ psychologists.

As we have an app-based service, people can easily access it from anywhere & anytime. So, in rural & hill tracts people can easily get healthcare services and my idea connects the unconnected and bridge the digital divide.


Anyone can easily use this app:

  • Install & open the application

  • Select a category

  • Select a Psychologist/ Doctor

  • Choose an available time slot

  • Make online payment (consultation fee) to book an appointment

  •  End to end encrypted video/audio consultation and get the primary diagnosis

  •  Chatting System

·         Receive E-prescription & Report upload system.


I have the ambition to connect Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Online Pharmacies, Blood Banks, Ambulance, and Health Insurance to make a unique and supportive platform. So that, people can easily access any kind of health-related service. We must include some doctors & psychologists in our app who are willing to give services free of cost in their preferable time. So that, helpless people can get free services.

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Nivashini Rave Rattey Aug 2, 2021

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.


Md. ASHRAFUL ISLAM Aug 2, 2021



Esho Banchte Shikhee Aug 6, 2021

Good initiative.


Md. ASHRAFUL ISLAM Aug 17, 2021