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Leaforg is a platform that focuses on providing an innovative solution for responsible production and green consumption problems around the world. Our platform will consist of 3 main categories and solutions:

1.       Find a recycler: We will help recycling businesses get noticed by adding their contact details to users interested in getting rid of products in an environmentally friendly way through an interactive map. Users can simply insert their addresses and a list of registered and recyclers gets displayed for users to pick the closest and most convenient option. Recyclers and users can then agree on a pickup time and a place. 

This feature is our vision although it’s not ready yet

2.       Marketplace: Users who have products they’d like to resell to others interested can post their items for sale on the Leaforg marketplace. This way, users can earn money out of their items and stay environmentally friendly. There will be a search bar for users to look up the items they’d like to buy, sellers will have a ranking system with reviews. Our platform would make sure all the payments are secured through an escrow account run by Leaforg to guarantee safety for all parties involved.

3.     Recycle at home (tips for end-users on how to recycle products at home). This section will be the place where users go to share their ideas and experiences on the recycling process. it will mainly focus on recycling, users will review those videos of creators who recycle at home, thus creators will get paid per view. This is what sets us apart from the competition as everything mentioned already exists. This is what makes Leaforg different.

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Istanbul Turkey

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Nivashini Rave Rattey 9 months ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.