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Valentina Stadnic

Chisinau, Moldova, Republic of

Joined this community on Apr 9, 2019

Bio Valentina is currently Strategic Programs and Partnership Manager of the “Moldova IT Park” where she helps create synergistic impact, and lead multi stakeholders in navigating IT competitive challenges and unlock opportunities for the IT sector in Moldova. Her efforts are directed towards setting new approaches that accelerate the transformation towards the digital economy, streamline corporate innovation practices, boost the IT industry growth, support partnerships aimed at jobs creation, and sustainable investments in the sector. Prior to joining the Moldova IT Park, she held various senior government roles in both the Ministry of ICT and the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, where she was responsible for leading projects and programs in policies and regulations for the digital economy, particularly focusing on the legislative reform on ICT centric innovation ecosystem, cyber security and Internet governance issues. As the national focal point for the international and regional specialized structures as HDM (EU4Digital), ITU, ICANN, CEPT, she gained deep expertise in policy design, monitoring, and implementation, including capacity building of institutions and public sector stakeholders. Her achievement include several policy alignment and integration initiatives, including institutional and legislative reforms dedicated to ICT society development in accordance with the European Union and international standards, as well building partnerships with various organizations and donor institutions on the related initiatives.

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