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INCLUTAB learning device in the form of a mini tab that has already been programmed with academic content, tailored to serve those with low digital skill and disabilities.   INCLUTAB is for children from poorer backgrounds who tend to have less access to internet connectivity, computers, and other devices, and reside in rural areas where local languages take dominance over English.  

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Patrick Obumselu

Awka, Nigeria

Joined this community on Jul 8, 2019

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Bio Patrick Obumselu is a Human Right activist at Crimeshred who works to ensure that sexual violence survivors get the support they need after abuses. Patrick also works as a digital marketer in Mekury Global Solutions, were he manages social media accounts of business and handles advertisement campaigns. Before becoming a digital marketer, Patrick Obumselu spent two years as a photographer in Mekury photography. After a successful career, Patrick now helps other business in marketing their products. Patrick is the current winner of the Digital Commonwealth Challenge 2019

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